LEDFusion Pro A130C-15

LEDFusion Pro is a high-performance flagship all-in-one LED display designed to meet the needs of professional display applications. Using high-quality 4-in-1 LEDs and the latest generation UltraX image engine, image detail, contrast and color performance are taken to another level. The product sizes include  130-inch 1080P (P1.5) display and 163-inch 4K (P0.9375) display.


Award Winning: 2021 InfoComm USA - Best in Market


ibos.0013 infocomm best in market winner blue5  ibos.0013 infocomm best in market winner blue6






4in1 led


Robust 4in1 LED

4in1LED is composed of 4 pixels, and the thrust strength is

4 times stronger than the traditional 1010 SMD structure.


Furthermore, the LED surface is treated with a matte surface

that the light can be distributed evenly and also improve the

contrast ratio. The unique optical design obtains a wider

170-degree viewing angle and good image sharpness so that

each viewing angle is the optimal angle.






image engine gong zuo qu yu 12



Calibre UltraX Image Engine  

Calibre is one of the few LED display brands that develops its own image processing technology.
Since 1988, Calibre began its innovative journey developing its own image processors for pro AV events,
TV studios and boardrooms, etc. From our developments for the past decades, we have a solid technology base
to support us in creating ground-breaking image engines for LED displays.

Featuring the ground-breaking UltraX image engine, LEDFusion Pro delivers supreme visual qualities.
It also enhances image calibration abilities, color reproduction, grayscale, contrast ratio, and energy efficiency. 







Grand Area Calibration

Grand Area Calibration ensures precise colors with detail

in both bright and dark areas by calibrating not only high

brightness areas but also the grayscale in low brightness areas.

1 grandareacalibration





2 color

Precise Color Booster

Near 100% Color Gamut Coverage* 

By Precise Color Booster technology, LEDFusion Pro provides precise and vivid colors for wide DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. 


*DCI-P3 High-end Digital Film Color Standard






22bit+ Dynamic Mapping 

22bit+ Dynamic Mapping technology allows the display to

show up to 256 gray levels and offers excellent performance

even in low brightness. 

3 grayscale





4 contrast

10000:1 High Contrast Ratio

The next-generation UltraX image engine can precisely control LED brightness to 0.06 nit. Pure black and 10000:1 contrast ratio shows more details and vivid color.






Reducing Flicker Effect

The powerful UltraX image engine combined with 3840 Hz

high refreshrate reduces the flicker effect, for smooth

images and an overall pleasant viewing experience.

This makes this display ideal for events where filming

is involved.

5 flicker





6 circuitdesign

Innovative Circuit Design

With its innovative circuit design, the ghosting effect typically seen on

LED displays when displaying high-contrast images, is minimized.





Greater Energy Efficiency

At 25°C,, LEDFusion Pro can have better thermal performance.

The temperature on LED surface is 10°C lower than others and

that can extend product life.


Furthermore, at the same brightness (600nit), LEDFusion Pro can

save up to 45% power reaching great energy efficiency.

7 energy





8 splicing

Wide Screen Solution

Calibre LEDFusion Pro series features splicing options for more flexible applications. Calibre also provides One Canvas widescreen solution including All-in-One splicing displays with 4K seamless scaler switcher HQPro1000.






Smart Media Applications


Android-based OS for multi-media playback. Not just for video

and images, you can even open document files in the media hub.


Tapcast, a Powerful Screen Sync application includes Miracast,

image/video/music playback, camera, and screen sync to the

mobile device and wireless annotation.







AIO feature7

Adjustable LED Setting

Simple quick brightness or other settings adjustment by remote control or Fusion Connect App



 a160 boardroom


 a160 lobby

Premium Boardroom





a160 gallary

  a160 luxury residence




Luxury Residence


home cinema 2   a160 vip lounge

Home Cinema



VIP Suite








A130C-15  (FHD)

A163C-09  (4K UHD)

*future release




Resolution (W*H)

1920 x 1080

3840 x 2160

Dimensions (W*H*D) with Bezel

2885 X  1625 X  35 mm

3605 X  2030 X  35 mm


125 kg / 276 lb

191 kg / 421lb

LED Tile Size

240 x 135 mm

300 x 168.75 mm

LED Tile Weight



LED Tile resolution

160 x 90

320 x 180

LED Architecture

Common Cathode

Common Cathode

LED Type

4 in 1 LED

4in1 LED


1.5 mm


Brightness (Max)

600 nits

600 nits

Color depth

16 bit

16 bit


10,000 : 1

10,000 : 1

View angle (CR>10)



Display refresh rate

3840 Hz

3840 Hz

Color temperature

6500 K

6500 K

Operating Voltage & Power

AC 100V - 110V@500nits (1500W)

AC 200 - 240V@600nits (2000W)

AC 200V - 240V@600nits (3000W)


HDMI-1.4b*1& HDMI Loop*1, HDMI-1.4a*1, HDMI Monitor_output*1, 3G-SDI*1, USB*2, HDBaseT *1, Audio Line_out 3.5mm*1, RS232_in, LAN Control,

Operation Conditions

Temp:-10℃ ~ +40℃;Humidity:10% ~ 85%