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Product: AiO LED Display
Location: Taiwan


I'm amazed by the performance of the Calibre LED Fusion Display in high illuminance spaces. It not only presents beautiful and crisp image details but also the color accuracy. Through large LED screens, the photographs are more attracting and vivid than traditional printing, giving the audiences immersive visual experiences.

 Mr. Wen-Xiang Tsai, 2020

Curator of Taipei International Photo Festival


 taipei photo 1


Taipei photo 2020 was held at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall for two weeks and brought photographers around the world together.

This year, the exhibition theme "The Possibility of Life ", discussing the phenomena of unemployment, anxieties, fears that had been caused by the global panic over COVID-19 pandemic this year. Exploring the value of photography in the post-epidemic era. Caibre participated in the exhibition and helped to create immersive visual experiences with All-in-One LED screens, providing a whole new viewing experience to the exhibition.



taipei photo 7

Large LED screen at the entrance created a stunning visual presentation


Curator Mr. Tsai said that in their previous exhibitions they often used LCD TV as the main displays. This year was their first time using LED screen to present the photographs.

Not only did the visitors have a fresh experience, but the curators were also amazed at the results. Calibre 130-inch AiO LED display was at the entrance presenting the photographs and theme films of the exhibition. In the exhibition area, the 120-inch All-in-One LED displays of LED Fusion series was showcasing the real-time computational digital work - bamboo forests.




Great grayscale performance create rich and breathtaking detailed imaging


In addition to color performance, light and shadow effects are also one of the important aesthetic elements of photographs. Zeng Gongda artist's real-time computational digital brush painting works -"Bamboo Forest" was created from real-time computing environment data and presented a dynamic brush painting video.

The video presents the bamboo forest swaying with the wind. With dynamic light and shadow, it created different postures. The digital artwork had abundant details of the gradients. Curator Ms. Tseng, a full-time associate professor in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising at Shih Hsin University, said that on a traditional display, the grayscale level could not be fully demonstrated, but Calibre LEDFusion display provided profound effects on the depth of field and the delicate brush painting lines of the bamboo forest.

taipei photo 9



Exclusive image processing technology faithfully conveys the vision of photography

Conventional exhibitions displaying the printed photographs or displaying on LCD TV. Colors were often inaccurate from the original colors. The LED Fusion series displays feature exclusive HQUltra high-quality image processing technology to faithfully present the images:

1. More than one million RGB independent light-emitting units, restore image to their original colors and grayscale.
2. Exclusive image processing technology with very low latency of less than one frame, making motion images smoother and more vivid.
3. 170-degree wide viewing angles provide the audience to appreciate the photographs from any angle. As if they could walk into the world of the photographs. Delivering an unprecedented immersive viewing experience.

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