h1000 v3.5.0 update



In a significant technological advancement, Calibre has announced the release of the latest firmware update for its renowned HQPro1000 scaler switcher. The version 3.5.0 update, now available for download on the Calibre website, marks a significant milestone in the device's capabilities, introducing a state-of-the-art Web Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Revolutionary Features and Enhancements

The new firmware update is designed to enhance user experience with its modern, HTML5-based technology interface. This update is not just a step up in aesthetics but also in functionality, offering intuitive navigation and operation. The interface is now cleverly divided into two distinct views: one for Live Event Control, featuring 'Live Preview,' and the other for pre-event configuration and settings. This separation simplifies the user's task, allowing for seamless switching between live control and preparation modes.


Moreover, the update brings a unified approach to the 'Blank + Freeze' functions, enabling them to work identically across different layers and outputs. This enhancement ensures more intuitive control, allowing users to manage their presentations and displays with unprecedented ease and precision.



V3.5.0 New Features:

-Modern interface using HTML5-based technology.

-Intuitive interface view separation for 1. Live Event Control with 'Live Preview' and 2. Pre-event configuration and settings.

-Blank + Freeze: The two functions now work the same for more intuitive control on a per-layer and per-output basis.



Calibre invites all users of the HQPro1000 scaler switcher to download the new firmware update from the Download Centre. The update is not just a testament to Calibre's commitment to innovation in LED Display and Image Processing Technology but also to its dedication to improving user experience.


For individuals and organizations interested in leveraging the enhanced capabilities of the HQPro1000 for ongoing projects, Calibre's team is ready to assist. 



Calibre Sales Contact:

Peng Wu