calibre new product preview showcase invitation


Calibre announcing a new product showcase on June 9 -10 at Westgate Las Vegas. 

Beyond All-in-One will be the theme of this year. The All-new LEDFusion Pro display is not just a regular stand-alone display but can be spliced into larger displays including 1X2, 2X2, 2X3 splicing and more.


This showcase will include the latest LEDFusion Pro A130C onsite and present as the 1 X 2 splicing All-in-One LED display configuration.


LEDFusion Pro splicing features:

  • Splicing wall mount system for easy installation
  • Simplified cable solution for quick setup
  • Ruggedized 4-in-1 LED modules ensuring smooth screen
  • Wide vertical and horizontal viewing angle
  • Front access maintenance and service
  • Open CLI commands for external control devices

Canvas solution which includes HQPro1000 4K scaler switcher will be demonstrating the intuitive layout compositions.

One box to manage up to four FHD AiO with flexible screen layouts:

  • WebGUI for canvas setup and control
  • Freely arrange 4 x 4K input on a 4K canvas
  • Save up to 30 custom layouts with mix layer effects 
  • Instant preset switch to change screen layout
  • Seamless switch to change input source


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